This is a cool Reversi Game. This game has 50 special boards.

You can join the score ranking on the net.

You can make, upload, and download original stages.

Let's challenge !

Please download "EX Reversi" form the Android Market.

Android Market : EX Reversi [Install from PC]

Android Market : Cronus Crown [Install from PC]

Official Stages. (50 boards)

User's Stage. (You can make and download original stages.)

Developer : Cronus Crown and Masakazu Yanai

Screen Shot

Title View

You can play 50 official stages and upload your record and playing log.

You can access internet and can download user's stages.

You can make original stages.

Play View

Cool music and Cool Effect !

You can play swinging reversi game.

Select Stages View

There is 50 official stages.

If you download user made stage, you can get more stages.

Some Stages

I choose 12 boards from 50 official boards.

Not only the black and white but also tokens have various colors. The enemy might not be one person.

The enemy has two or more cases.

If you hope for more screen shots, Please look at the explanation.


  • Special Boards - 50 official stages.
  • Ranking - You can upload your score on the web.
  • Playing Log - You can upload your playing log on the web. You can view your log and others log.
  • Making Stages - You can make original stages and upload that. You can download your stages and others stages.
  • Difficulty - You can change computer's thinking ability.
  • Player Type - You can change player type. Player V.S. Computer. Player V.S. Player.


I prepared the explanation using youtube. After you see the movie for three minutes, you understand this software.

  • Youtube and Text and Image - EX Reversi : The annotation of English and Japanese are included in youtube movie. A lot of screen shots are included in this page. (Youtubeの動画には、英語と日本語の説明字幕が同時に表示されます。このページには、多くのスクリーンショットが含まれています。)

I prepared an English document and a Japanese document. You can see favorite one.

( March XX, 2009 09:00 AM Japan Standard Time )

I prepared a help.


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